Openness creates trust and commitment: People are at the heart of every form of public relations. We have to communicate with people, gain their trust, and address their individual information needs.


Our agency from a different angle: Our agency is shaped by the people we work for and the people who work for us. The pace of change is getting ever faster. Communications aren’t necessarily quicker as a result, but they are increasingly evolving in a number of different directions.


In our Trouvaille section you will find interesting snippets of news and information we come across. open up is at the heart of a truly vibrant area around Stauffacher in Zurich, and we have a collection of stories to give you an insight into its special character.


Our annual party has become something of a tradition, allowing us to come together with our clients, friends and partners. You can find the photo galleries under events. Another of our traditions is our Christmas cards and the stories behind them. Click here to find out more about our best wishes.

Your open up team.

Our Christmas card: In search of perfection


The image used for our 2017 Christmas card was actually taken on a hot and muggy summer’s day. The photographer didn’t manage to get the perfect picture first time out, but he was in luck because the rainbow appeared two days’ running. He’d held off too long on the first day, so the next day he grabbed his camera, jumped on his bike, and sped off through the storm. Which goes to show that sometimes you need more than one attempt to get things just right. Whether it’s a photo, a title, a story or a content strategy, our aspiration remains the same: to search for the perfect solution that ticks all the boxes.

The story of the nameless shepherd


You might have asked yourself who is in the picture on our 2016 Christmas card? To be honest, we don’t know either, but we do know the story behind it. While travelling through India, the photographer crossed paths with the shepherd. The latter initially didn’t want to have his photograph taken, and refused the next day as well. On the third day he agreed and posed for the camera. However, the sheep then took fright and ran off, and the shepherd chased after them. And so he disappeared, never to be seen again. Presenting the stories behind the images, and the harmonious interplay of various skills – all part and parcel of the exciting field we work in.

Our Christmas card: immersed in the narrative


This is open up’s Christmas card for 2015. It's a scene every writer dreams of: a girl reading a book, completely enthralled and caught up in the story, oblivious to the hustle and bustle of the adults around her. Communication is also about presenting content in a way that holds the attention, bringing words to life. Together with our clients, we have developed narratives and themes to put their messages across convincingly.

Our Christmas card: passionate attention to detail

The gleaming blue lowrider hops into the air, watched by an admiring audience.

This is open up’s Christmas card for 2014. Every year, the owners of lowriders – also known as jump cars – meet on a parking lot in Las Vegas to compete in the categories Fat Dancer, Radical, Show, Shine and Hopper. Which car is the best looking, which can leap the highest, and which can put on the most spectacular show? The owners often spend months preparing for the competition. Enthusiasm, expertise and passionate attention to detail are also the nuts and bolts of good communications. Together with our clients, we have tweaked and polished texts covering a whole range of content, crafting the right wording to get admiring glances from our audiences.

A Christmas card that tells a story

Fashion designer Deborah Chuma in her studio in Lusaka.

This is open up’s Christmas card for 2013. As the saying goes, every picture tells a story. However, this picture from Zambia could tell two or three. Read on, and you will find out more about Deborah Chuma and Annie Malama. One is a fashion designer, the other a photographer. Here we see Deborah Chuma in her design studio in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka, where she has just put the finishing touches to a dress. Together with all the other designs she has created and sewn together in the past months, she will be taking this to present at the Lusaka Fashion Week.