Multi-faceted, personal, and with hands-on owners: open up is a Zurich-based communications and PR agency run by its two partners Kilian Borter and Melanie Schneider. Our experienced team draws on a broad range of knowledge and expertise to advise our clients on all matters relating to communications.


Rigorous quality standards: We support large companies as well as SMEs, non-profit organisations and private individuals. open up has been a member of the Association of PR Agencies in Switzerland (BPRA) since 2010, and is certified in accordance with international standards (ICCO). In 2015, we became a member of the Public Relations Network (PRN), the international association of owner-managed PR agencies. This guarantees the highest quality standards in terms of advice, processes and agency management.


Our service portfolio at a glance

  • high quality and professionalism
  • a proactive, direct approach
  • flexibility and quick service
  • long-term client relationships based on trust
  • focus on core competencies and reliable partners


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Melanie Schneider, partner

Patrick Preuss

Kilian Borter, partner

Mario Schuler

Urs Thaler, Senior Advisor

Ursula Schärer

Philippe Welti

Rahel Perrot

Laurora Shosh

Bernhard Kobel

Lukas Mettler

Evelyn Reusser

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