Brand positioning:

Innovations, new products, or changes in the market can influence the positioning of your business. To succeed over the long term, you have to work out what to keep and where you have to reinvent your brand. Whatever the case, a clear profile is a must.

How is your brand managed? Are your values and positioning clearly defined? What products and services do you provide? Does the brand you communicate live up to its promises?

open up guides you through this demanding process, asking precise questions and working on the basis of tried-and-tested models. We help you identify market opportunities and define niches to find the right path to your desired positioning.


Our consultants support companies and managers in the strategic tasks of honing or redefining brand identity.


Our advice covers

  • check-ups of your company’s identity and values
  • strategic brand reviews
  • positioning and brand profile
  • defining values, vision and mission
  • putting values into practice
  • stakeholder communications


We deliver

  • target positioning
  • brand workshops
  • value hierarchy and communicating values
  • formulation of mission statements
  • reputation management
  • implementation initiatives

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