Schweizerische Paritätische Berufskommission Holzbau // Media relations

The SPBH is the executive body of the collective agreement for the timber construction industry. In addition to regular checks at company and on construction sites, the SPBH awards the “Holzbau Plus” quality label together with its social partners. open up has been advising the SPBH in its communications activities since 2014.

Our job

To establish broad public awareness of the “Holzbau Plus” quality label, with a view to increasing competitiveness and performance and safeguarding jobs in the industry as a whole. In addition to strategic communications advice and brand positioning, our job also includes PR work and preparing editorial content.

Our services

    • Positioning the “Holzbau Plus” quality label through active media relations
    • Developing media relations and tracking themes
    • Fostering contacts with key and local media
    • Copywriting and editing media releases
    • Writing specialist articles and interviews

Other cases for customer Schweizerische Paritätische Berufskommission Holzbau

Swiss timber construction industry has incorporated organisational communications in the collective employment contract.
The commune of Rubigen in Canton Bern specifically chose a Holzbau Plus company.
Holzbau Plus companies and their employees are more satisfied with their firms and their work, and are looking to the future with greater confidence.
A company in the Berner Oberland receives the Holzbau Plus quality label.
A Lucerne-based timber construction firm receives recognition for its participatory management approach.