GGA Maur // Media relations

GGA Maur is the leading communications firm for the region around the Greifensee lake, delivering a comprehensive range of radio/TV, Internet and telephone services to more than 24,000 households. Since 2009, GGA Maur has also been offering its services to customers in the city of Zurich via the ewz fibre optic network.

Our job

Since 2007, open up’s job has been to handle the media relations activities of GGA Maur in its area of coverage. In addition to corporate issues, a key part of our role centres on communications accompanying the introduction of new products.

Our services

    • Fostering contacts with key media in the area of coverage
    • Identifying opportunities and placing themes in the media
    • Handling media enquiries and interviews
    • Researching the specialist and regional media’s editorial calendar
    • Editing and issuing media releases

Other cases for customer GGA Maur

Head office of the innovative cable network provider in Maur.
GGA Maur on the Zurich fibre-optic network.
Communicating the business results.
Beat Ambühl, CEO of GGA Maur, in the local Zurich press.