Excellence Foundation Zurich // Brand positioning

The EFZH is an independent foundation committed to supporting cutting-edge research at the University of Zurich’s Department of Economics. It seeks to raise funds for this purpose, and positions itself as an enabler of new professorships. open up has been supporting EFZH in its communications since 2011.

Our job

To provide advice and support with the development of the foundation, focusing on overall communications and the production of its image brochure.

Our services

    • Developing a brand profile and promise
    • Supporting the new visual identity and imagery
    • Overall project management for the launch of the new brand identity
    • Project management coordinating subcontractors for design, photography, translations and printing
    • The project was delivered in collaboration with a partner specialising in corporate design and the Internet

Other cases for customer Excellence Foundation Zurich

Image brochure for the Excellence Foundation Zurich, produced with our strategic advice.
Cover page of the Excellence Foundation Zurich’s image brochure.