Mazda // Content creation

Japanese car manufacturer Mazda sets out to defy convention with a view to making things better. The company has more than 150 dealerships in Switzerland.

Our job

With its ‘Mazda Speed Dating’ campaign in 2016, Mazda explored new ways of providing a better experience for singles. open up handled the associated media relations and regional events.

Our services

    • Strategic advice on media relations scheduling
    • Content creation with press images, infographics, interviews with experts
    • Designing and evaluating the consumer study ‘Being single in Switzerland’
    • Blogger relations for social media storytelling

Other cases for customer Mazda

The photo shoot held especially for media relations covered all target groups.
How you sit is crucial when it comes to flirting.
As the survey infographic shows, being single isn’t easy.
Flirting’s better when you’re side-by-side!
An infographic shows the available market data on being single in Switzerland.
A market research institute conducted a survey of 1,000 single people in Switzerland to get exclusive data on their flirting behaviour.