Valora // Content creation

Valora operates a network of more than 2,500 convenience stores and food service outlets in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and France. Every day, more than 1.4 million customers visit its well positioned sales formats, which include k kiosk and Press & Books. open up has been supporting Valora in various fields of communications since 2016.

Our job

Valora is seeking potential candidates with a view to expanding its agency partner model. In order to secure a sufficiently high number of such candidates, Valora wants to use new recruitment channels, and tasked open up with their conception and implementation.

Our services

    • Developing an integrated communications concept
    • Design and realisation support for a website tailored to the target groups
    • Drawing up content concepts for brochures and flyers
    • Conception and production support for several image videos for use via various online and offline channels
    • Evaluating and handling our partner agencies
All communications measures are centred on real agency partners, who give their take on working together with Valora.
Short, attractive videos present the job profile of an agency partner, and highlight the advantages of working together with Valora.
Various posters were created to draw attention to the new website.