ZHAW School of Engineering // Media relations

As a leading technical college, the ZHAW School of Engineering focuses on the topics of the future. Its 13 institutes and centres guarantee high-quality education, research and development, concentrating on the areas of energy, mobility and health. open up has been advising the school on all its communications activities since 2014.

Our job

To advise communications staff and support them in media relations, with particular focus on general and specialist media. In addition to the themes of education and training, mobility, energy, IT and health, our job centres on positioning the professors, their areas of research, and information relating to the courses.

Our services

    • Delivering comprehensive advice on media relations
    • Fostering contacts with print and online media
    • Agenda setting for media relations
    • Editing and issuing media releases
    • Media tracking
Franz Baumgartner, lecturer at the ZHAW School of Engineering, talks about solar power installations in Switzerland.
A new software for Google Glass makes paragliding safer.
The ZHAW School of Engineering is the first technical college to offer engineering students courses with an international profile.
ZHAW’s “Night of Technology” event features laboratory tours, flying displays, music and a robot bar.
Two IT graduates of the ZHAW School of Engineering have developed a system for the live streaming of lectures
Article in the 20 Minuten newspaper on a report by Prof. Thomas Sauter-Servaes, mobility researcher and Programme Director for Transport Systems at the ZHAW School of Engineering