ECDL Switzerland AG // Media relations

ECDL Switzerland AG promotes the development of computer skills. It is responsible for the implementation of the ECDL programme, and for the distribution in Switzerland and Liechtenstein of the internationally recognised ICDL certificates, which certify practical skills in the most common computer applications.

Our job

In 2015, ECDL Switzerland AG conducted its first representative  study of PC skill levels among Swiss users. open up was commissioned to handle the media relations for the presentation of the study results.

Our services

    • Delivering comprehensive advice on media relations
    • Maintaining relations with representatives of specialist and general media
    • Agenda setting for media relations
    • Providing support with media enquiries
    • Writing, editing and issuing media releases
    • Media training
The Swiss overestimate their computer skills.
ECDL’s study shows that the Swiss population as a whole massively overestimates their abilities compared with their actual performance in a practical test.
Specialist magazines in the IT industry also covered the results of ECDL’s 2015 Study.
The study was also well received in Ticino.
ECDL’s 2015 Study attracted interest in French-speaking Switzerland.