BVZ Holding // Content creation

BVZ Holding brings together seven subsidiaries and holdings in companies operating in different businesses. The group is centred on the railway companies Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and Gornergrat Bahn, and related tourism businesses. open up has been working with BVZ Holding since 2008.

Our job

To conceive BVZ Holding’s annual and semi-annual reports, manage the projects, and handle the writing and editing of texts.

Our services

    • Advising on and conceiving the annual report
    • Writing and editing texts for the annual report
    • Various interviews and portraits
    • Overall project management
    • Producing the annual report together with a graphic design partner

Other cases for customer BVZ Holding

Portrait of a member of staff in the annual report.
Interview with CEO Fernando Lehner.
Interview with the CEO in the annual report.
Portrait of the head of corporate communications.