Holzbau Schweiz // Internal communications

The association Holzbau Schweiz sees itself as a centre of excellence providing services for the timber construction sector as a whole. It represents around 1,100 members based in the German and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland. open up has been the lead agency supporting the association since 2013.

Our job

To rework the association’s magazine for member firms, groups and suppliers, and to help Holzbau Schweiz produce it.

Our services

    • Redesigning and producing the magazine
    • Planning content and defining key themes
    • Co-editing and project management
    • Copywriting for focus themes and portraits
    • Working with a publishing partner to produce the magazine

Other cases for customer Holzbau Schweiz

The association magazine “Wir Holzbauer” presents timber construction from the perspective of the association and its member firms.
The magazine “Wir Holzbauer” highlights aspects such as competence, performance and dedicated service.
The magazine also examines questions relating to construction law or key safety issues.
The magazine puts people and the trade centre stage.
Creating space for topics such as developing talent and innovation.