Credit Suisse // Content creation

Credit Suisse is one of Switzerland’s oldest banks. As a big bank with some 50,000 employees, its operations span the globe with representative offices in more than 50 countries. open up has worked with Credit Suisse on many occasions since 2001.

Our job

open up has supported the bank in planning and identifying themes for various publications. We are currently handling the editing of the investor magazine NOVUM on the subject of real estate investments.

Our services

    • Advising on content
    • Researching specific themes
    • Writing and editing texts for the magazine
    • Interviews, portraits and reports
    • Editing and revising
providing in-depth and concise information on new properties.
Published twice a year, the magazine NOVUM covers the entire range of real estate investment products,
Background information on the real estate market, attractively showcasing new properties and specific investment opportunities.
Credit Suisse’s client magazine on real estate investments.
Detailed information on the individual real estate funds offered by Credit Suisse.
Investment Ideas – background knowledge for investors.